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If you’re looking for gifts for the gamer in your life here are some suggestions. Classic USB controllers: If you play games on the computer, chances are pretty good you’ve played plenty that you wished you had a controller for. Now, the default response for most is to grab and Xbox or PS4 controller, but maybe you prefer the classic designs. If so, you can grab just about any old controller with a USB connector so that it’s all ready to plug into your modern PC. Netgear Nighthawk Gaming Router: most routers are only rated for five users, and so you get stuttering and buffering on games and videos when there really shouldn’t be. It pays to get some better gear, and the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 is one of the best options around — especially for gamers. Wi-fi, for the most part, is more than capable of supporting low-latency multiplayer gaming. Finally, try the Raspberry Pi 3: the Pi is a tiny, all-in-one computer, usually for less than $80. It’s based on an open design principle, so one group sets up the minimum specs, and then lots of other companies will put together kits with different options and add-ons. But with a little bit of know-how, you can take a Raspberry Pi and load it up with basically every arcade game ever. Or every NES game ever. Or you can use it as a media player. Or anything. They’re so versatile precisely because they’re a power-packed miniaturized PC.

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