The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2017

The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2017

Amazon Black Friday deals 2017 in the US are technically two weeks away, but the early discounts start way before the official November 24 date. We’re not at all surprised with this development.

Launching early Black Friday deals is routine, according to the Amazon playbook, as it lets you buy your next 4KTV, cheap laptop and game console bundle at a lower price than any time in 2017. 

Our biggest Amazon Black Friday prediction is that you’ll finally be able to buy the hard-to-find PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or SNES Mini in stock in November, but the limited quantities will be an effort to lure you into buying a dazzling big-screen 65-inch 4K TV, too.

Even, better Amazon is also pushing its own devices and services via its Black Friday promotions. It wants to fill your house with Amazon Echo speakers with prices starts at $39.99 whenever the Echo Dot is on sale. 

Your biggest obstacles to getting the best Amazon Black Friday deals is actually being able to claim it in time. The site always sells out out of its Lightning Deals and Deal of the Day every time a popular product goes on sale.

That’s why where here to point out every Amazon deal imaginable today. 

Early Amazon Black Friday deals

RAVPower 20100 Portable Charger
Now $39.99 (Was $109.99) 64% off
This USB-C charger was on sale for $49.99 last week when we first put it into our best Amazon Black Friday deals list. Now that discount price has been discounted It charges 75% faster than average power banks and is 64% off. Very fitting.

PS4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 console bundle
Now $284.99  (Was $299.99) $15 off
If you haven’t played Uncharted 4 yet, you should and if you don’t have a PS4 yet, you need to get one. The two can be had as one bundle through an early Amazon Black Friday discount.

Nintendo Switch is now in stock
Now available for $299.99 (while it lasts)
Surprise, you can find the Nintendo Switch console in stock for Black Friday through Amazon. The popular video game system with Zelda, Mario and more is finally being sold. Finally.

Super Mario Odyssey – Black Friday Amazon deal
Now on sale for $57.95 with this early sale
This may be the ultimate game for Nintendo Switch. It just came out, and Amazon already has a small, but meaningful Mario discount available. Save some money and buy yourself a second controller, or a Mario Cappy hat. PSA: The digital version is full price, so go for the hard copy.

New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Variety Pack
Now $149.99  (Was $199.99) 25% off
It’s funny how two Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets still cost a fraction of the price of a new iPad, and this Black Friday deal is a testament to that. Get them for 25% in a variety of colors.

Amazon Echo (2017) speaker
Save $50 on multiple speakers (Was $99 each)
Amazon Echo speakers are going to be among the hottest gifts this holiday season, and Amazon is sweetening the deal if you buy three or more. Why would you do that? Well one for yourself and two act as presents. Brilliant.

Amazon Echo Dot + Fire TV Stick
Now $69.98 (Was $89.98) 22% off
We dig the Echo Dot and love our Amazon TV Stick, and we think you’ll love both for a cheaper price on Black Friday thanks to this Amazon bundle fit for your television room.

Amazon devices are up to 30% off today
Save up to 30% off the original price
The pre-owned deals are strong with Amazon devices, from the newer Echo smart speakers down to the classic Kindle ereaders. It’s an early Black Friday if you’re buying second-hand.

iPhone X cases and accessories
Up to 50% off via early Amazon Black Friday deals
You just paid $999, so don’t pay any more than you have to for iPhone X cases and all of the accessories you need for your brand new, very delicate all-screen Apple iPhone.

Amazon Prime and Black Friday

Amazon Prime is always a must-have on Black Friday. It has major perks, like free two-day shipping, and members sometimes get exclusive deals tailored for Prime users.

You can get early access to the Lightning Deals on Amazon that don’t stick around for very long. In other cases you might get extra discounts on prices that have dropped already, or you might get deals that don’t apply to non-Prime members.

It’s hard to make Amazon Black Friday predictions, but generally speaking you’re at an advantage if you sign up for Amazon Prime (the retailer always wants to boost those subscription numbers after all).

At the moment a subscription costs you $99 a year, or slightly more if you go month-to-month, and of course there are a host of other benefits besides improved access to the Black Friday deals. Amazon even runs its own deals day exclusively for Prime members every summer.

You get access to the Netflix-style Amazon Prime Video, the Spotify-style Amazon Prime Music, and a ton of cloud space to store your digital photos as well. All that and more, and faster delivery times throughout the year as well.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon loves its Lightning Deals: as the name suggests, these are very short-lived offers that usually involve items where the stock is low, so if you don’t jump in when you’ve got the chance, you might miss out.

Don’t feel pressured into deals you don’t feel sure about – just be aware that Lightning Deals aren’t going to stick around. As they’re only available for a short amount of time, they often offer some very tasty discounts.

In the words of Amazon, a Lightning Deal is “a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time”, and you can usually find them on the Today’s Deals page. As we mentioned above, Prime members get early access to the Lightning Deals on Amazon.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Black Friday 2017.

Amazon Black Friday 2017 predictions and ads

We don’t have an Amazon Black Friday 2017 ad just yet, but we’re ready to make predictions for what this year’s deal will be.

1. Amazon Echo Show

We expect major Amazon Echo deals, and there’ll be no bigger item than the new Amazon Echo Show during Black Friday 2017. It’s already offered discounts as much as $100 off in the past when purchased in pairs. With more Echo devices hitting the market, there will be plenty of deals on these and other Alexa-enabled gadgets.

2. Xbox One S bundle

Xbox One X will be the popular new console, so we fully expect the Xbox One S to see deep discounts and bundled with free games during Black Friday. It’s more than Amazon just wanting to offload its inventory. Microsoft wants to keep making the system because it allows the company to have an entry-level video game console on sale. More Xbox One systems in buyers hands means more game sales, where the real money is made.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the e-ink reader that impresses us the most, and it’s almost always on sale during the holidays. It’s currently on sale for $119.99 today, so you should see be able to get one even cheaper – if you want to wait.

4. 4K TVs

We can’t get enough of Amazon Black Friday TV deals, and it’s where we predict that you’ll see price cuts by hundreds of dollars. It happened last year, and we fully expect better specs via deeply discount 4K TV sets with HDR.

We’ll continue to update our Amazon Black Friday guide, as the date approaches.

5. Galaxy S8 and Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 sit atop the throne of the Android market. Though the Galaxy S8 has regularly gotten killer deals since it launched, the Note 8 hasn’t seen any serious price drops to make it a less painful purchase. But Black Friday may be an opportunity for both to get great discounts, especially as Amazon has previously offered some of the best prices on the Galaxy S8 so far.

6. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Google’s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL won’t have been on the market for long when Black Friday rolls around, but it will be no surprise for some small discounts or bundle deals to show up on Amazon. 

7. iPhone 7

It’s too soon to expect insane deals on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but the previous generation of iPhones is fair game for Black Friday. Dropped prices will make it easier than ever to pick up an iPhone 7.

8. Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

Black Friday is an incredibly popular time to pick up a new TV, and 4K is the current craze. It’s likely Amazon will use the shopping day as an opportunity to push it’s 4K-ready Fire TV streaming device, either with discounts or bundled with new 4K TVs.

Amazon Black Friday deals from last year

Ahead of Black Friday 2017, here are the best deals we saw during Black Friday last year, just to whet your appetite for this year’s extravaganza.

PS4 Black Friday deals – we didn’t have the supercharged PS4 Pro to drool over a year ago, but we did have the newer PS4 Slim console bundled with Uncharted 4. The Sony’s video game system with a 500GB hard drive and free game cost $250.

Xbox One/One S Black Friday deals – last year the Xbox One X was just a rumor, but Amazon treated buyers to the 1TB Xbox One S console bundled with Gear of War 4 for just $250. That made it $50 than it normally was.

Amazon Black Friday laptop deals – there were a host of computing deals last year, including $100 off the prior year’s MacBook Pro, whether you wanted the 15-inch or 13-inch versions with a Retina display. The 12-inch MacBook saw a $100 price cut, starting at just $1,199 during Black Friday.  

Amazon Black Friday headphone deals – audiophiles were certainly spoiled during Black Friday a few months ago, with $80 off of the Beats Solo3 headphones. Although Beats is a now an Apple company, their headphones were on sale for Black Friday. Maybe that will happen again in 2017.

Camera Black Friday deals – You were a winner if you wanted Canon DSLR or GoPro action camera discounts on Black Friday. The Canon 80D EOS camera experienced a $400 price cut to just $1,399 on Amazon, and GoPro Hero deals were plentiful, with the entry-level version starting at under $100 for the first time.

Phone Black Friday deals – Amazon is just getting started with Amazon Prime Phone deals, and that made things cheap if you were looking for a budget Android phone. The Moto G4 with 32GB of storage – our favorite affordable phone last year – for just $139.

Smart Home Black Friday deals – Amazon Echo deals were popular for Black Friday, with the new product category for many buyers seeing a $40 discount. Instead of paying full price for the flagship smart speaker with Alexa, Amazon was asking for a mere $139.99 in the US. This year, we expect Amazon Echo Show to go on sale with specs that include a helpful display.

Amazon Black Friday TV deals – There’s no bigger big ticket item on Amazon during Black Friday than a brand new flat-screen TV. Forgot HDTVs, we’re talking about 4K televisions with HDR. We really liked the LG 55-inch 4K OLED set for $1,797 and the Samsung 40-inch UN40KU6300 at a very affordable $347 – a great value for any budget.

Wearable Black Friday deals – Fitbit and Apple Watch deals are hot on Black Friday through Amazon, with the retailer rivaling the sales at Target last year. You were able to save the most money (more than $70) if you went with the older Apple Watch Series 1. We’re hoping the year-old Apple Watch 2 will be on sale via Amazon for Black Friday 2017.

Amazon on Black Friday 2017: what you need to know

Even though it has its own Prime discount day of sales, Amazon still goes all-in when it comes to Black Friday, and few retailers can match it for the breath or size of its discounts. If you’re looking for Black Friday deals, you need to include Amazon on your list. 

While the deals are great, sometimes it’s hard to get to them, thanks to Amazon’s notoriously cluttered interface – and hopefully, that’s where we come in. We’ll highlight the best offers for you to save you a lot of clicking and scrolling around.

We’ve been given a sneak preview of some of the Black Friday 2017 discounts that Amazon’s planning, and while we can’t share them with you yet, there are some treats in store – from short-term Lightning Deals to major discounts on hot gadgets that will run through Black Friday and beyond.


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