Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US for November 2017

Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US for November 2017

If you want to save a couple hundred dollars on a new Galaxy S8 Plus, or a pair of them, there’s a deal for you.

You can cut the price right up front with installment plans, snag a buy-one-get-one deal, or simply save big on an unlocked Galaxy S8 Plus with the best deal we’ve seen.

The best way to get the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on a discount is to explore the links below and enjoy one of the best smartphones we’ve seen yet.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals for November

You can take an installment plan or snag a carrier deal, just don’t pay a full $850 for a Galaxy S8 Plus. There are much better deals available right here.

Amazon has the Galaxy S8 Plus for $50 off and you don’t have to worry about getting a qualifying data plan or having a mint condition Galaxy S7 to trade-in for this deal. The phone is unlocked for use with your preferred carrier. 

Newegg is selling the International Galaxy S8 Plus for $719 which beats the price you’d pay to get a Galaxy S8 Plus from a carrier. One key thing to note here is that the International version isn’t exactly the same as the US version, as it features a different chipset. You’ll want to confirm it will work with your carrier before you choose this model.

Samsung has a cheap Galaxy S8 Plus for $524.99 if you’ve got another phone to trade-in. Samsung will offer up-to $300 in trade-in value for a used phone in god working condition, so if it’s a Galaxy S7 Edge you’ll likely be able to cash in on that full discounted price.

AT&T has cheaper month prices for the S8 Plus with some strings attached, like it takes 30 months to fully get out of your contract. For some people, that’s worth it. Others will want to opt for the more industry standard 24 months.

T-Mobile will give a you free Galaxy Tab E with the purchase of a new Galaxy S8 Plus, but the phone itself will be full price, whether you pay upfront or with T-Mobile’s installment plan. Still, if you need a new phone and a tablet, best to get one for free.

Sprint has a cheap installment plan for the Galaxy S8 Plus, with a $0 down payment the first month and $19.80 in monthly payments over the course of 18 months, but users can upgrade to a new phone after 12 payments. If you just want to get your hands on an S8 Plus now for very little, this is a great deal, but to own the device at the end of the installment plan, it’ll still cost full price.


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