The best Cyber Monday 2017 deals: 100 things still on sale today

The best Cyber Monday 2017 deals: 100 things still on sale today

Best deals by category

The best Cyber Monday 2017 deals you’ll still find are listed right here as we are in the final hours of the biggest online shopping day of the year. We’ve gathered a curated list with the top 100 sales at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon today, and we’re adding more all the time.

Where will you find the best prices? When does Cyber Monday end? And what is on sale today, November 27? We’re here to help you find those last-minute Cyber Monday deals before they sell out. Even with only a few hours remaining, Cyber Monday sales are still going strong.

Scroll down to see our list of 100 deals updated every hour so you can save big on that once-expensive 4KTV, or rare PS4 Pro bundle, or that elusive Nintendo Switch deal or even your first GoPro action camera. We’ve included new and tempting Cyber Monday price drops to make your online shopping experience easier today.

Cyber Monday has become online equivalent to Black Friday, only this special shopping day helps smaller retailers compete with larger retail giants, according to the small and medium business merchants we’ve interviewed. With more competition among US stores comes greater savings.

This gives consumers the best chance to own a top-of-the-line LG or Samsung 4KTV at an affordable price in 2017, according to our expert Cyber Monday deals analysis. This wasn’t a reality before today. And if you have your heart set on buying an Ultra HD television with HDR, there are Smart 4KTV sets for under $500 right now.

Hot right now are Amazon Echo speakers and cheap laptops, which are two categories estimated to drive Cyber Monday sales revenue through the roof, according to our early sales data. The Amazon Echo Dot is facing off with the Google Home Mini for $29 tiny smart home speaker supremacy. The iPhone X and SNES Classic would be seeing massive sales if they’re weren’t out of stock.

Below is our best 100 Cyber Monday 2017 deals list, updated in the last hour, that we’ve curated – while they last.

The best Cyber Monday deals

There are still so many deals available for Cyber Monday that it’s hard to know what to buy and what’s the best price. Here’s our list of more than 30 sales followed by even more for a total of 100 deals you can still save on for Cyber Monday.

1. Amazon Echo Dot now $29 (was $49)
Google may have a cheap speaker deal, but Amazon is price matching with its own mini Alexa speaker, hoping you’ll either put in in every room in your house buy it as a cheap gift.View Deal

(Image: © Amazon)

4. Amazon Fire TV Stick now $24.99 (was $39)
It’s a great streaming TV stick that you can insert into your TV. It also comes with an Alexa-capable remote. Not bad at all, especially with $15 off the already nice regular price. View Deal

17. Dell XPS 13 now $799 (was $1,099)
If  you’ve been holding out for TechRadar’s laptop of the year, you’re in  for a treat. B&H Photo is selling the upgraded Core i5 version of  the laptop for $799 – same as the entry-level model!View Deal

18. Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at Amazon
Have you held off on joining the VR revolution? Good for you, because now you can score a massive deal on one of the best VR headsets on the market. To that end, Oculus Rift + Touch are available right now from Amazon, Newegg and Microsoft.View Deal

24. Lenovo Tab 4 is $125 (was $179)
We named the Lenovo Tab 4 one of the best cheap Android tablets you can buy, and what do you know, it’s 30% cheaper for Cyber Monday. This is a great alternative to the Fire HD 10 if you want a more power under the hood. View Deal

31. $41 off iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
Want to step up the storage size and the discount? Here’s the iPhone 8 Plus with the maximum amount of storage. You can’t find a better deal on the best iPhone 8 Plus today, via eBay.View Deal

There are so many Cyber Monday deals in 2017 that we just couldn’t stop at No. 30. Continue reading to find out the best 100 price drops broken down by category, from 4KTVs and laptops to PS4 gaming systems and GoPro cameras.

TV and video deals

DBPOWER mini projector is $99
Projectors can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, but you don’t need to overpay to get a solid projector that displays multimedia from just about any device imaginable. At only $99, you save big at Amazon. View Deal

Optoma HD142X projector is $519 (was $999)
This Optoma projector was already a great value thanks to its copious amounts of britghness and contrast at an affordable price, but now at 48% off for $519, it’s an even better value at Amazon. This item will be back in stock on December 3 but you can still order now and get the Cyber Monday price.View Deal

Laptop and Macbook deals

Huawei MateBook X now $749 (was $1,099)
The Huawei Matebook X is one fine Ultrabook, and now you can get the coveted Microsoft Signature Edition at a great $350 discount on Amazon. Not only are you saving some huge bucks, this laptop comes bundled with a USB-C dock included (take notes, Apple) and a year subscription of Office 365 Personal.View Deal

Computing deals

Get 1 eero plus 1 eero Beacons for $211.65
If you don’t have as big of a home, you head over to that same Amazon page and nab the basic eero set – that’s one main unit plus one beacon unit – for a sweet 17% off. That’s $50 off the $299 list price.View Deal

Smartphone deals

$41 off iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
This rare deal on an iPhone 8 Plus makes it a smidgen more affordable with a $908 price. However, with Apple discounts so far and few between, don’t miss on the chance to save $41 on Apple’s newest and biggest smartphone.View Deal

(Image: © Amazon)

LG Q6 (Prime Exclusive) for $120 off
Provided you’re cool with your lockscreen being taken up with ads and offers from Amazon,  it’s hard not to be impressed with this deal. You’ll only end up paying $180 for the device – that’s 40% off from the list price.View Deal

LG G6+ (Prime Exclusive) for $350 off
If you’re dead set on the real deal from this year’s major LG release, this Amazon Prime-exclusive deal will get the 5.7-inch QHD phone for a massive 44% off – just mind the Amazon lock-screen ads.View Deal

Galaxy Note 8 now $50 off for AT&T or T-Mobile
The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones around right now, but it’s also one of the more expensive. So, any discount is a lifesaver for people in the market for this phone. Right now, eBay has $50 off the Note 8 when purchased outright.View Deal

Gaming deals

Headphone and audio deals

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are $99 (were $149)
Bose is known for quality, and these headphones live up to the reputation. Though technically not wireless given the tether, you’ll be thankful it’s there because you won’t want to misplace these. Perfect for working out, the price is also right at 34% off for a limited time on Amazon.View Deal

Echo Show now $179 (was $229)
The Echo Show is the perfect device if you like a more visual experience with your Alexa chats, and it also allows you to watch some video content. With a discount of $50, you’ll be thankful you picked one up.View Deal

(Image: © Amazon)

Echo Plus now $119 (was $149)
The Echo Plus delivers better sound quality than its regular counterpart. A discount of $30 helps ensure your wallet won’t become an echo chamber.View Deal

Amazon Tap now $79 (was $129)
Portability is the cornerstone of the battery-powered Amazon Tap, which gives you around eight hours of play on hands-free mode. Tap into a deep discount of $50 for the device this holiday season.View Deal

Save $50 on Sonos Play:1 (was $199)
Here’s a really good deal on a very good speaker. You pay $149 for the Play:1, which features signature sound quality, an easy-to-store size and an improved app. Normally just shy of $200, you save $50 with this deal while supplies last. View Deal

Polk Audio Monitor40 Series QII speaker – 67% off
You or someone you know likely sits at a desk all day, and if that’s the case than these bookshelf speakers could make the long hours go by just a bit quicker. Now on sale for $99 on Newegg, you save 67% off the regular retail price of $299.View Deal

Camera and accessories deals

Nikon D3400 DSLR + two lenses is $496 (was $996)
Entry level camera though it may be, there’s a lot to like about the D3400, including its beautiful compact body and big battery life. With two lenses thrown in, this deal for 50% off at Amazon is nearly too good to pass up, photogs.View Deal

iPad and tablet deals

$399.99 iPad Pro 9.7-inch (was $729.99)
This iPad Pro going for only $399 is the unicorn of Cyber Monday deals. Just keep in mind that this is last year’s 9.7-inch Pro tablet, but on the plus side it has Wi-Fi and 3G cellular connectivity.View Deal

$299 for the New iPad 2017 (was $329)
With a hot $30 discount, Apple’s newest entry-level iPad is slightly cheaper than it was last week. That might not sound like a ton of savings, but the fact there’s a deal on anything Apple, makes this one of the hottest deals around.View Deal

Or, pay $279 for the New iPad 2017 at eBay
Arguably the best iPad in Apple’s tablet line up, the New iPad 9.7 for 2017 is currently 15% off at eBay for Cyber Monday. You pay $279. It has the same storage as the above model and is also available in grey.View Deal

Lenovo Tab 4 is $125 (was $179)
One of the best cheap Android tablets on the market, it’s even cheaper today at 30% off on Amazon. This is a great alternative to the Fire HD 10 if you want a more power under the hood. View Deal

Toys & LEGO deals

Nerf Rivals Rechargeable Battery Pack
The only downside to these high-powered Nerf guns is that they take batteries: 6 D batteries and they’re done within a few hours. Thankfully, Nerf’s rechargeable battery is on sale on Toys R Us.View Deal

Wearables deals

Fitbit Alta HR now $99 (was $149)
This sleek fitness tracker doesn’t just look good. It’s also perfect for tracking everything from workouts to sleep. And for under a hundred bucks on Amazon, you can feel good about the savings, too.View Deal

Fitbit Flex 2 – $40 off
Start on your New Year’s resolution early with $40 off the thin and light Fitbit Flex 2 (Black). Though it lacks the bells and whistles of more robust Fitbit devices, at $59.95 on Amazon, this tracker is just what you need to stay on top of your activity goals without spending a lot. View Deal

Smart home deals

Nest Cam Outdoor is $124 (was $199)
Looking to beef up your home security this holiday season? Go with the Nest Cam Outdoor, one of the best-known names in the biz. You can also give these cameras as a thoughtful gift. Either way, you’re doing yourself a favor with the 37% off savings at Amazon.View Deal

$80 off Nest Learning Thermostat
Don’t overspend on the Nest Thermostat. Instead, save money by buying it from Amazon for $80 off (technically a $80.84 discount for Cyber Monday). That’s a 32% savings.View Deal

Gadgets & other deals

Our Cyber Monday deals video on YouTube

When is Cyber Monday 2017? What does it end?

Cyber Monday is right now. It just started and won’t end until midnight on Tuesday. The problem with that? The best deals will either expire or sell out much sooner than you think. We’ll update this page new deals develop.

Cyber Monday 2017 is November 27 this year. If you couldn’t tell, that date is a Monday. It’s always the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is also always the Monday after Black Friday.

The concept of Cyber Monday itself is newer the term “Cyber Monday” was first coined in 2004, but since then has become a huge deal on its own, expanding outside of its US origins.

The weekend of Cyber Monday isn’t just significant for sales – it also represents the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It usually helps to have some idea of your holiday shopping lists before the weekend so you can take full advantage of all the sales at your disposal. 

However, deals come in hot and fast on Cyber Monday, and you’ll no doubt find great savings on tech and other items you didn’t even know you wanted.

Cyber Monday 2017 predictions

Now that you have an idea of what’s already on offer, you can probably imagine the amazing deals that will be available this year. From the latest phones to smart home devices to speakers and more, here are the best Cyber Monday 2017 deals we expect to see.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X deals
We can expect Cyber Monday 2017 to do for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X what Cyber Monday 2016 did for the iPhone 7. From mobile carriers offering BOGO deals or credits for installment plans to retailers chopping the price and tossing in freebies, there may not be a better time to buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. If you do see a sale, don’t expect it to last long.

Apple Watch 3 deals
The iPhone 8 and iPhone X weren’t the only big announcements Apple had for us in September. It also introduced the Apple Watch 3, the first iteration to feature its own cellular connection. With a price tag of $399, getting to feel like Dick Tracy doesn’t come cheap. But you can rest assured that Cyber Monday 2017 will offer up discounts or deals to make the new smartwatch a far more compelling buy.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 deals
Android users won’t be left in the dark when Cyber Monday 2017 rolls around. Samsung already has shown the kinds of killer deals it’s willing to offer on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note, and those weren’t even during Cyber Monday. Expect big discounts, especially on the Galaxy S8, and free mobile accessories thrown in. 

PS4 Pro deals
The latest and greatest version of Sony’s PlayStation is the PS4 Pro, and it’s expected to feature heavily in Cyber Monday 2017 sales. In fact, we’re all but sure it will be since during Cyber Monday 2016, we saw a ton of deals for its predecessor, the PS4 Slim. Most notably, PS4 Pro Cyber Monday deals will include can’t-miss bundles, complete with controllers, accessories, and games.

Xbox One X deals
The Xbox One has undergone a transformation; Microsoft’s so-called Project Scorpio has been revealed as the Xbox One X, and it’s quite a console. Not only does it feature full 4K gaming, but it also already has a massive 22 games to play, including titles like Forza 7, Anthem, and more. At launch, the Xbox One X price is $500, but you can expect it to be a lot cheaper and bundled during Cyber Monday 2017.

Nintendo Switch deals
A bigger focus will be placed on Nintendo this year as the company has finally unveiled the Nintendo Switch console. The Switch features a ton of great games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but by the time Cyber Monday rolls around you can bet there will be a lot more ready to play, including Super Mario Odyssey. Expect some serious Nintendo Switch deals this year. The SNES Classic will likely pop up in deals as well, but you should expect it to go quick.

Everything with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant
Amazon loves putting its line of inexpensive Fire tablets on sale, and it has frequently dropped the price of its Echo and Echo Dot devices, all of which feature Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. And given Amazon’s dominance of the online market place, you can safely bet that it’s going to put its products front and center on Cyber Monday 2017 with hot deals that make them hard to resist.

4K TV deals
Cyber Monday have traditionally been great times to buy TVs, and this year will be no different. From LG to Samsung to Toshiba, expect massive deals on the best TV technology. You’ll get huge discounts on 4K TVs, as well as lower-resolution TVs such as 1080p screens, so no matter how much you’re willing to spend there should be a TV set for you.

Camera deals
Cameras may not be as heavily featured as TVs on Cyber Monday, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see solid savings later in the year. DSLR cameras from the likes of Nikon and Canon, as well as GoPro cameras, will all get eye-catching discounts, namely through retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

Laptop deals
If you’re looking for a new daily driver in terms of a computer, then Cyber Monday is a great time to go shopping. As we mentioned, last year there were lots of discounts on gaming laptops, but whether you’re into gaming or not you’ll be able to get a laptop for much cheaper than you otherwise would. That includes discounts on Apple’s range of MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro, standard MacBook, and more.

Headphone deals
From Beats to AKG, there are sure to be plenty of sweet savings on headphones. This year, the so-called “true wireless” form factor is a little more popular, so it’s expected we’ll see discounts on those headphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung. If you’re more into over-ear and on-ear headphones, you’ll still get access to plenty of discounts, so keep an eye on Amazon for those.

Cyber Monday 2017 FAQ

What is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is the biggest day for online deals of the year. It’s the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving, and the day when retailers shift their attention away from sales in-store and towards sales online.

When is Cyber Monday?
This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 27. Black Friday is on November 24, and that’s the day after Thanksgiving, which is on November 23. Some deals may start at specific times on the day.

Where are the best Cyber Monday deals?
Cyber Monday deals happen all over the web, but the best place to stay on top of them is, of course, right here on TechRadar. We’ll be updating this page with new deals as we find them, and we’ll tell you whether the discounts are really worth it or if you should keep looking.

How do I get the best Cyber Monday deals?
There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new deals. For starters, it’s best to make a list of things you actually want so you can avoid falling into sales traps during the day and buying products that give you buyer’s remorse. It’s also a good idea to note beforehand how much you’re willing to spend as it’s easy to spend more than you otherwise might.

How do I stay safe while buying things on Cyber Monday?
We recommend always buying from companies that you know are legit. The likes of Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo Video, Walmart, Target and other big names like these are your best bet for safety online, but even then it’s a good idea to look into things like return policies. 

Be very wary of phishing emails as these can be a big source of income for scammers during this busy shopping season. In fact, even if an email does appear legitimate we recommend going straight to the website offering the products rather than clicking on links in emails.


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