The best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for October 2017

The best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for October 2017

With so many great 4K televisions to choose from, making a decision about which one to purchase may very well come down to its price. A good cheap 4K TV deal can be hard to refuse, and these days there are more great TVs at even better prices than ever before. If you need a new television and don’t want to wait until Black Friday to score a deal, why not take a look at our curated list of the best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for October 2017.

We’ve been on the prowl for the best value 4K Ultra HD TVs currently on sale, focusing on sets with huge discounts off the RRP. With so much 4K content currently available to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Stan, now’s the perfect time to upgrade to an Ultra HD set. And at these prices, how can you afford not to?

Below, you’ll find our selection of the best cheap 4K TV deals for the month of August. You better get a move on, though – some of these deals are time sensitive, and may disappear before the end of the month. Now, let’s kick off our list with our deal of the month. It may not be the biggest discount on the list, but it’s a great saving on one of the newest and best televisions currently available.

TechRadar’s 4K TV Deal of the Month

Samsung MU6100 55-inch 4K LED TV | Now $1,298 (RRP $1,999) | JB Hi-Fi
If you’re after a decent-sized 4K TV but don’t need the very latest model, the 55-inch Samsung MU6100 4K TV has received a price drop at JB Hi-Fi. Better hurry, the sale ends October 13, 2017.

Cheap 4K TV deals: under 55-inches

Hisense N7 50-inch 4K HDR TV | Now $995 (RRP $1,699) | Harvey Norman
Hisense’s Series 7 televisions deliver terrific HDR-enhanced 4K picture quality at an affordable price. Harvey Norman has the 50-inch Series 7 model for $995. 

Cheap 4K TV deals: 55-inches to 65-inches

Panasonic (TH55EZ950U) 4K OLED TV | Now $2,893 (RRP $3,899) | Video Pro
This TV featured in last month’s list, and is still listed at a terrific price. Video Pro’s got the fantastic 55-inch EZ950U, which delivers astonishingly deep blacks and terrific Ultra HD images, for just $2,893 (RRP $3,899).

Cheap 4K TV deals: over 65-inches

TCL 65C2US 4K Smart Android TV | Now $1,940 (RRP $2,699) |Appliance Central
This huge TCL telly is powered by Android TV and has a 4K resolution. And, if you purchase before November 12, 2017, you’re eligible for a $150 gift card (details at the link). 

The best deals on our favourite 4K TVs

Perhaps you’re not after a cheap TV, but simply want a good deal on a top of the line telly. In that case, check out some great deals for our current favourite 4K televisions below. 

More 4K smart TV deals

The televisions listed above are but a small selection of the TV deals available online, with loads of sets in various sizes and brands reduced every day. If the TVs above don’t suit your needs or fit your price range, you can check out even more cheap 4K TV deals at Getprice.


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Foxtel Now gets Apple TV support via AirPlay and a HD update on iOS devices

Foxtel Now gets Apple TV support via AirPlay and a HD update on iOS devices

It’s a good day for owners of the Apple TV, with the news that Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on the Cupertino company’s media player being followed by another equally tantalising announcement: it’s now possible to stream Foxtel Now to the Apple TV via AirPlay. 

Though tvOS does not yet offer a native Foxtel app, subscribers can now AirPlay the service directly to their Apple TV boxes from the Foxtel Now iOS app – a pretty good alternative, if you ask us.

On top of this, Foxtel has also announced that the iPhone and iPad versions of its streaming app have now received an HD update, allowing users to stream their favourite Foxtel live and On Demand content at resolutions of up to 1080p.

If you’re still waiting for the Foxtel Now app to arrive on PS3 and Xbox One, don’t worry – Foxtel insists that additional devices will be supported in the near future, though you’ll have to stick with Foxtel Play in SD for the time being.

Alternatively, you could pick up the affordable Foxtel Now Box, which we described in our in depth review as being “a terrific streaming product” that “doesn’t sacrifice on quality.”


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The best movies on Netflix: great films you can watch in Australia right now

The best movies on Netflix: great films you can watch in Australia right now

UPDATED: We’ve added a whole new section listing some of the best horror movies currently streaming on Netflix Australia. Each of these sections will continue to grow, so make sure you keep coming back to see what we’ve added to our exclusive list!

If you’re new to Netflix and want to find the best movies to watch, or you’re tired of browsing the app for 30 minutes before finding something to watch, you’ve come to the right place. With thousands of movies at your disposal, it’s easy to get stuck in binge-watching mode, but finding the honest-to-goodness best films can be a bit of a hassle.

In an effort to determine the best of the best, we’ve put together a list of the greatest possible films you can watch – curated by TechRadar editors and backed up with ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes – so that you don’t have to sift through the muck. We’ll keep this best-of list up to date with the latest movies that are must-watch, so you waste zero screen time searching.

As tech enthusiasts, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re obsessed with science fiction here at TechRadar. From glorious space operas to mind-bending films that make you think, there’s something for everyone on our list of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix Australia.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story

As the first Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One had some pretty lofty expectations to live up to. Rather than try to replicate the formula that made The Force Awakens such a smashing success, director Gareth Edwards delivered a proper war film, one that had more in common with Saving Private Ryan than The Empire Strikes Back. Remember in A New Hope when the Rebellion got its hands on the Death Star plans that would lead to victory at the end of that film? Rogue One is about the group that stole those plans. Yes, it is a Star Wars prequel film, but don’t worry – there’s no Jar Jar Binks in sight. 

IMDB Rating: 7.9, Rotten Tomatoes: 85%

Edge of Tomorrow

A terrific science fiction war film starring Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow plays like a cross between Halo and Groundhog Day, where the Cruiser is thrown directly into an alien war only to die almost immediately and then forced to repeat the day over and over, becoming a little more battle-hardened each time. Joining him is Emily Blunt, playing a tough-as-nails soldier who helps Cruise figure out a way to close this never-ending time loop and end the war for good. Backed by a terrific script and some fine chemistry between Cruise and Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic special effect extravaganza that should please both sci-fi and action fans.

IMDB Rating: 7.9, Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

District 9

The film that put both director Neill Blomkamp (Elysium) and star Sharlto Copley (Powers) on the international stage, District 9 is an ingenious science fiction Apartheid allegory that puts marooned aliens in South African concentration camps. An anti-alien pencil pusher (Copley) has his whole world turned upside down when he is sprayed with some kind of liquid that is slowly turning him into an alien, and now he has to team up with one of the “prawns” he so despises if he has any hope of turning back to normal. Hilarious, action-packed and filled with flinch-worthy body horror moments, District 9 is an instant classic that rightfully earned a best picture nomination at the Oscars.

IMDB Rating: 8.0, Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

Midnight Special

The kind of smart science fiction film that Steven Spielberg used to make in his ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ heyday, Midnight Special continually offers a sense of wonder as its story unfolds. Without spoiling too much, the film centres on Roy (Michael Shannon), a father who must protect his special son  Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) from both the US government and a cult after it’s discovered that the boy has otherworldly powers. Along for the ride are Alton’s mother Sarah (Kirsten Dunst) and Roy’s close friend Lucas (Joel Edgerton). With surprises around every corner, you never really know where Midnight Special is going, though what you can expect are some truly terrific performances and a mind-blowing finale. Fans of Stranger Things should check this out. 

IMDB Rating: 6.7, Rotten Tomatoes: 83%

Minority Report

What if you could prevent murders before they’ve occurred? More importantly, what would you do if you were due to be sentenced over a murder you haven’t committed yet? That is the premise of Steven Spielberg’s spectacular sci-fi film, Minority Report. Loosely based on the Philip K. Dick story of the same name, the film sees Tom Cruise play the head of a futuristic ‘Precrime’ Division tasked with stopping murderers from carrying out their violent actions. They can do this thanks to the psychic abilities of three siblings known as ‘Precogs’. But what happens when this trio of soothsayers predicts a murder carried about by Cruise himself? Spoiler alert, he runs! A visually stunning film that’s filled with ingenious and forward-thinking technological ideas that will likely become a reality in years to come, Minority Report is intense and action-packed. 

IMDB Rating: 7.7, Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

The Terminator

Best movies on Netflix

While other films from the same time period have struggled to stay relevant, The Terminator remains as interesting and unique as it was 33 years ago. An undisputed classic of intense, unrelenting action, The Terminator kickstarted the career of uber-director James Cameron, who would go on to direct such classic blockbusters as Aliens, Titanic, Avatar and, of course, Terminator 2L Judgment Day. If you’re looking for a retro masterpiece that holds up to modern-day cinema standards, you can stop searching – The Terminator is a must-see for any fan of science fiction, action and horror. 

IMDB Rating: 8.0, Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

A triumphant return to the screen for the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens sees the characters we love from the original trilogy, like Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia, set off another adventure with a new generation of wonderful characters. Ironically, for a series set among the stars, Director J.J. Abrams brings the franchise back to Earth by dialling down the CGI that hobbled the prequel trilogy – this is a Star Wars movie that uses real locations and sets, as well as puppets and actors in costume, to recreate the spirit of Episodes IV through VI. Featuring thrilling action, incredible special effects and terrific performances, The Force Awakens is the best Star Wars film in over 30 years.

IMDB Rating: 8.2, Rotten Tomatoes: 92%



It took an agonising seven years for director Alfonso Cuarón to follow his masterful last film, Children of Men, but what an incredible follow-up! With Gravity, he sure did stick the landing (ahem) and hit this one right out of orbit (I’ll let myself out). This nail-bitingly intense film, in which Sandra Bullock’s character must use her wits to survive in space after a catastrophic shuttle accident, is a technical marvel – the kind of film that wows even the likes of James Cameron, who called Gravity “the best space film ever done.” A perfect marriage of drama and special effects, Gravity is an absolute classic.

IMDB Rating: 7.8, Rotten Tomatoes: 96%


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Your next Netflix obsession, Altered Carbon, gets its first teaser trailer

Your next Netflix obsession, Altered Carbon, gets its first teaser trailer

Based on the beloved science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon tells of a future where human consciousness can be transferred between bodies, effectively rendering death obsolete. 

The Netflix series, from writer/producer Laeta Kalogridis (Terminator Genisys, Shutter Island) and director Miguel Sapochnik (best known for directing the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode of Game of Thrones) stars Joel Kinnaman (Netflix’s own House of Cards, The Killing). 

He plays Takeshi Kovacs, the last remaining member of an elite squad of soldiers who is killed only to wake up centuries later in the body of a disgraced cop. Now, he must find out who did this to him and why. 

One look at the trailer below and it’s clear that Altered Carbon is an expensive undertaking for Netflix. With its Blade Runner-esque visuals and immense scope, we can’t wait to binge the entire series when it arrives on the service on February 2, 2018. 


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Best Netflix TV shows: the top Netflix television series in Australia right now

Best Netflix TV shows: the top Netflix television series in Australia right now


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Huawei Mate 10 Pro is out now in Australia, gets Mocha Brown colour option

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is out now in Australia, gets Mocha Brown colour option

When it was first announced for release in Australia, the stellar Huawei Mate 10 Pro was said to be releasing only in Midnight Blue. Now, on the day of the phone’s local release, the Chinese phone-maker has revealed that Aussies will also have the option of picking its new phone up in Mocha Brown.

While attractive, the coffee-inspired colour option isn’t necessarily breaking new ground – the Huawei Mate 9 was also available in Mocha, making this more a case of ‘bean there, done that’.

That said, we’re delighted that Huawei has decided not to foam it in by having only one colour option available at launch. Now that Huawei has brewed up a Mocha-coloured Mate 10 Pro, you’ll truly be able to espresso yourself in style. 

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is available now from Optus, Mobileciti, Vaya and Amaysim for $1,099. Currently, the Midnight Blue model is only available at Optus and Vaya.


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The ACCC resolves to finally start policing Aussie broadband speeds in the new year

The ACCC resolves to finally start policing Aussie broadband speeds in the new year

Having already placed Australian ISPs on notice back in July, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that it will officially begin monitoring Aussie broadband speeds from the beginning of next year. 

The consumer watchdog has appointed SamKnows to the task, having already used the broadband metrics company in a two-month trial back in 2015. The contract is said to be worth $6.5 million, according to ARN

Starting in January 2018, The ACCC and SamKnows will be monitoring 4,000 Australian homes over the course of four years. The first year will see 2,000 households take part in the program with the use of test devices to record their broadband speeds. 

Expect better information

“Our Measuring Broadband Australia program is going to be a real game changer for internet users and for the broadband market, especially as consumers shop around for NBN services,” said ACCC chairman Rod Sims.

The ACCC also took the opportunity to reveal the findings of its review on NBN advertising and whether it has improved since August 2017. “We are pleased to report that Telstra and Optus have recently changed their marketing information to provide their customers with comparable information about the typical busy period broadband speeds that they can expect on various plans,” said Mr Sims.

The chairman went on to state that “the remainder of the industry continues to advertise internet plans using unhelpful speed ranges, referencing off-peak speeds or failing to provide consumers with any information about the speed of their services during busy hours.”


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Australia’s best streaming services compared

Australia’s best streaming services compared

Now that streaming media has become a mainstay in Australian homes, Aussies have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting their home entertainment fix.

When combined, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and Foxtel Now offer an enormous range of content that can be instantly streamed into your home. However, if you can only afford one subscription service, narrowing down a definitive choice can be harder than it seems.

As each service brings with it a unique range of television shows and movies aimed at different segments of the streaming audience, not to mention differing price points, device compatibility and streaming qualities, we’ve taken it upon ourselves bring you an in-depth guide to what you can expect from Australia’s four major SVOD platforms.

With the constantly evolving nature of each service discussed in this guide, we will endeavour to keep you updated on any significant changes and updates that may occur to these streaming giants in the future.

Here’s how the Australian streaming situation stacks up in 2016.


Australia s best streaming services compared

Probably the best thing about having so many streaming options to choose from, is that it forces each service to be priced competitively.

Netflix offers the cheapest stream of the main three, with a single stream in standard definition at $8.99, which, if we’re being honest, isn’t particularly good value, but may appeal to those who live alone and have a poor quality internet connection.

Thankfully, for $11.99 a month you can get a dual-stream subscription that offers HD streaming quality.

If 4K streams are what you’re after, you’ll need to subscribe to Netflix’s premium package, which costs $14.99 a month and allows you to watch the service on four devices simultaneously. This is probably the most ideal subscription for families with differing tastes in shows and movies.

Though Netflix is obviously working off of how it’s priced overseas, Stan has chosen to come out at the low, no-nonsense price of $10 a month. That’s for everything the service has to offer at a maximum resolution of 1080p.

If you want to make use of your 4K TV though, you can upgrade to a Premium Stan subscription for $15 a month. So far, Stan has nine of its exclusive shows available to stream at 4K quality, including the likes of Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Preacher and Wolf Creek. 

These kinds of prices cut straight to the point – once you’ve tested the service’s 30 day trial, you’re either on board with forking over a tenner (or an extra fiver)  each month, or you’re not.

Undercutting Netflix’s pricing substantially, Amazon has a special introductory offer that grants new subscribers access to the service for a monthly fee US$2.99 (AU$4) for the first six months, after which it will renew at US$5.99 (AU$8) each month after that.

Foxtel Now is different in that it offers a number of different content packs (split into Starter packs and Premium packs) so the user can tailor their subscription to their viewing habits.

The Starter kick off at $10 per month, but you’ll probably have to sign up to at least a couple of them to get a decent selection of shows overall. Lifestyle, Doco and Kids packages cost $10 each per month, and the Drama and Pop options (both of which offer Game of Thrones) are priced at $15 per month.

Premium packs are where it starts to get pricey, with the Movies pack costing $20 a month and the Sports package costing $29 monthly fee. Both of these packs can only be obtained in addition to a Starter package, meaning your minimum cost for Sports is $39.


Australia s best streaming services compared

For many people, the decision of which streaming service to sign up for may come down to the devices they own.

Netflix has the biggest global reach and has been around the longest, which is why it can be streamed on the largest number of devices.

The Netflix app is available on a wide range of smart TVs from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips and Hisense, though you should check your television model to see if the service is supported. Stan is available on all 2013-2015 Samsung smart TVs featuring Smart Hub software, 2014-2016 Sony smart TVs (running Android TV) and all 2014-2015 LG smart TVs running WebOS and Netcast software. 

It’s also just been announced that Stan is now streaming on selected 2015 and 2016 model Hisense smart TVs, and will also be available on every Hisense TV released in 2017. 

At present, Amazon Prime Video only officially offers its service in Australia through computer browsers, however, the Amazon Prime app has sneakily appeared on a number of 4K smart TVs, such as Sony’s Android TV models. Before settling on Prime, you should check and see if you smart TV has an app for it.

And, while Amazon Prime Video hasn’t officially released console apps in Australia yet, there is a simple trick to streaming the service on your Xbox One.

If your smart TV is of the 4K/UHD variety, chances are that its Netflix app supports 4K streaming. You can also get a 4K Netflix stream for the latest wave of Ultra HD Blu-ray players, such as the Panasonic DMP-UB900 and the Samsung UBD-K8500. Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One S, also offers 4K playback.

The Apple TV also supports Netflix and has features built around service, such as the ability to use Siri to search for titles by voice, which places Netflix titles appear alongside iTunes listings. A Stan app is also available for Apple TV, but Amazon won’t allow its app on Apple TV or Chromecast for business reasons. With that said, you should be able to display Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV through AirPlay. So far, Siri functionality is only available to Netflix.

Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video are all available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, though some older Android models may not be compatible.

When it comes to game consoles, Netflix has the biggest reach, with apps for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS3, PS4 and the Nintendo Wii U. Stan has most of the consoles covered but lacks support for Xbox 360 and Wii U. 

Netflix and Stan are also available on Fetch TV, which is quite handy for the hundreds of thousands of Australians currently subscribed to Fetch.

If you don’t have any of the TV-connected devices listed above and still want to watch Netflix and Stan on your television, each service can also be streamed to a Google Chromecast, which ostensibly provides regular TVs with smart TV functionality (so long as you have a smartphone or tablet to stream from).

Finally, you can watch Netflix and Stan on the Roku 2-powered Telstra TV media streaming box.

Foxtel Now works on iOS and Android devices, Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, PC and Mac and the newly-released Foxtel Now streaming box.

Kids content

Australia s best streaming services compared

When it comes to kids shows and movies, each service has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Stan has a wide selection of children-friendly shows that mostly stem from its partnerships with Turner Broadcasting (the Cartoon Network), the ABC and Viacom.

Cartoon Network favourites like Adventure Time, Ben 10, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Generator Rex and Ed, Edd, n Eddy are all ready to stream on Stan.

Likewise, classic ABC titles like The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Guess How Much I Love You and Justine Clarke, as well as overseas titles like Octonauts, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam, Sesame Street and Mister Maker are available to stream on the app, and its Viacom deal brings with it a large range of shows from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, like Avatar: The Last Airbender; Octonauts, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, Bubble Guppies, and popular live-action shows like iCarly, VICTORiOUS, and Drake & Josh.

Like the rest of Amazon Prime Video’s content library, its Kids selection is quite sparse at present. You’ll find a number of Amazon Original kids shows you’ve probably never heard of, like Wishenpoof!, Tumble Leaf and Just Add Magic, alongside some tried-and-true kids movies classics, like The Little Rascals, Casper, Spy Kids and Babe.

Netflix also has a wide-ranging partnership with Walt Disney, bringing with it films and TV shows from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.

Animation fans will be happy to know that Netflix has also produced some original shows based on classic DreamWorks properties, including Puss in Boots and How to Train Your Dragon.

Deals with other big children’s program distributors Saban, DHX Media and Hasbro Studios have also provided Netflix with numerous incarnations of Power Rangers and My Little Pony.

Special mention should also be given to inclusion of the classic Aussie kid’s show, Round the Twist, on both Netflix and Stan’s respective catalogues.

Depending on the packages you acquire, Foxtel Now offers plenty of kids shows and channels hosting a large number of Nickelodeon and Disney programs. 

TV shows

Stan Content

A wide and varied range of television shows are available on Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video, thanks to individual deals between each of the SVOD services and their content partners. Because of this, each service should have something for everyone in your family.

While there’s a lot of crossover when it comes to the availability of shows on each platform, perhaps the most important deciding factor comes down to the exclusives and original shows available on each service.

Netflix is without question the leader in this regard, with a large, global slate of original shows that are, for the most part, available in every one of its territories around the world.

The service has achieved huge success with its diverse lineup, which includes award-winning shows House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, long-form superhero shows like Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, internationally-targeted shows like Narcos, animated sitcoms such as BoJack Horseman and F is For Family, comedies like Fuller House, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Master of None, and countless stand up comedy specials, to name but a small selection from its rapidly-expanding library.

Though Stan is only available in Australia, it has already begun creating its own original content, having produced the improvised comedy series No Activity, the upcoming TV spin-off of Wolf Creek and the second season of Plonk.

Stan is notable for also having a large range of exclusive shows in its stable, with big hitters like the Twin Peaks revival, Better Call Saul Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, Power, UnReal, Community, Lost Girl, Dig, Ash vs Evil Dead, Angie Tribeca and 11.22.63 tied to the service for the entire life of each series. On top of this, Stan is the only service in Australia offering both the complete series’ of US sitcom classics Seinfeld and Friends. 

Australia s best streaming services compared

Stan also fast-tracks new episodes of its exclusive shows as soon as they air overseas, a practise that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has since adopted with such shows as Riverdale and American Gods.

As the newest service to hit Australian shores, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t currently have much of a content library on offer, then again, that probably goes a long way to explaining why the subscription price is so cheap for the first six months. 

Most people considering a Prime subscription are probably looking to watch The Grand Tour, the new car enthusiast show from the team behind the beloved series, Top Gear. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll happy to know that every available episode of the series is available on Amazon Prime Video in HDR, with new episodes arriving weekly. Aside from that, the big drawcard at the moment is American Gods, a hyped new show based on the immensely popular Neil Gaiman novel of the same name.

Other big Amazon Original shows include Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent, though these shows have been available on Stan direct from the US for quite some time. That said, there are others which are only available to stream on Amazon Prime, including The Man in the High Castle, Red Oaks, Hand of God and Bosch. You’ll also find a small selection of classic shows, like The Shield and Justified.

Unlike the competition, Foxtel Now lets you also watch live television broadcasts, essentially giving you the regular Foxtel experience over the internet. Aside from this, most of the packages on offer, such as Drama and Pop (which have loads of HBO content split across them), are mostly filled with television shows. Fans of reality TV will get a real kick out of the selection here.


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The best value Australian SIM-only deals in December 2017

The best value Australian SIM-only deals in December 2017

A SIM-only deal is a mobile phone plan that offers calls, texts and data in return for a monthly fee, but doesn’t come bundled with a phone. Leaving the phone out of the equation means SIM-only deals can be much cheaper than general mobile phone deals which makes them ideal if you already have a handset or are eyeing up a SIM-free phone.

To make things easy for you, we’ve gone through and combed through all of Australia’s available SIM-only plans to picks the ones we think offer the most bang for your buck. Our choices start from $16 per month for a basic plan, but we’ve also looked at more expensive plans at $40 and $60, and there are some great options for power users who need loads of data.

Below, you’ll find the very best SIM-only deals in Australia as of December 2017. Whether you’re after the cheapest plan possible, want to dig out the best-value big data SIM plan or just want an all-round great deal but don’t know how much to spend, you should find a recommendation here that suits your needs.

Best SIM-only deals for under $25 a month

Amaysim | No contracts | 2.5GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $20 per 28 days | Optus 4G Network

With its new SIM-only, pay-as-you-go plans, Amaysim is offering terrific value when it comes to data, talk and text. $20 will get you 2.5GB of data, unlimited national talk and text, all on the Optus 4G Network. 

View this deal

Vaya | No contracts | 1GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $16 per month | Optus 4G Network

A deal that offers terrific value, Vaya’s Unlimited S plan offers unlimited national calls and texts with 1GB of data for just $16 per month. Best of all, there are no contracts involved, so your minimum cost is the initial monthly payment. Also, if you purchase the plan before June 16, 2017, you get a free 5GB data-only SIM to use as you see fit. 

View this deal

Yomojo| No contracts | 2GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $19.90 per month | Optus 4G Network

For just a few dollars more than the last SIM only plan, you can get an extra gig of data from Yomojo. Like the Vaya plan, you get unlimited calls and texts within Australia and there are no lock in contracts. It also works off the Optus 4G network, though you won’t get any bonus data for signing up immediately.  

View this deal

Best SIM-only deals for under $40 a month

Amaysim | No contracts | 15GB data | Unlimited national calls (international calls included) | Unlimited texts | $40 per 28 days | Optus 4G Network

A fantastic package on a pay-as-you-go plans, Amaysim is offering 15GB data, plus unlimited national talk and text. You’ll also get unlimited international calls to 10 specific countries, and 300 minutes to a further 22 countries. Amazing value for only $40 per 28 days. 

View this deal

Vaya | No contracts | 10GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $36 per month | Optus 4G Network

With Vaya’s Unlimited XL plan, you get a whopping 10GB of monthly data and unlimited national calls and texts for just $36 per month. While the plan doesn’t offer unlimited international calls, you can add 200 minutes of overseas calls to 100 select countries for just $2 extra per month.

View this deal

Optus | 12-month contract | 12GB data | $300 international calls (select countries) | Unlimited national texts | $40 per month | Optus 4G Network

Though this plan requires you to sign up to a 12-month contract, there’s an awful lot of value included here for just $40 per month. You get 12GB of monthly data, as well as $300 worth of international calls to select countries. Technically this is a 10GB plan, though you get 2GB bonus data if you sign up before June 4, 2017. 

View this deal

Best SIM-only deals for under $60 a month

Amaysim | No contracts | 20GB data | Unlimited national calls (international calls included) | Unlimited texts | $50 per 28 days | Optus 4G Network

Another terrific pay-as-you-go plans from Amaysim gives you 250GB data, plus unlimited national talk and text. You’ll also get unlimited international calls to 10 specific countries, and 300 minutes to a further 22 countries. Unbeatable value at $50 per 28 days.

View this deal

Virgin Mobile | 12-month contract | 18GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $500 international calls and text |$60 per month | Optus 4G Network

Offering a huge amount of data at an appealing price, Virgin Mobile’s $60 SIM only plan is great value for power users. You get a whopping 18GB of monthly data (which rolls over to the next month) and $500 worth of standard international calls and text.

View this deal

Virgin Mobile | No contracts | 11GB data | Unlimited national calls | Unlimited texts | $500 international calls and text |$60 per month | Optus 4G Network

Similar to the previous option, the difference with this $60 per month Virgin Mobile plan is that there’s no contracts to sign. That said, there is a downside in that it only offers 11GB of data per month rather than 18GB. Still, if that sounds like more than enough data for you, then this is a great choice for people who hate contracts.

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Should I go SIM-only?

If you a) want to save some money; b) don’t want to be tied into a lengthy contract; or c) both of the above, then going SIM-only is well worth considering. In fact, you’re probably in one of two situations if your thoughts are turning to a SIM-only mobile plan:

  1. You’re coming to the end of your contract and your network is calling you a million times a day to get you to upgrade. Well if your phone is dying a death or you just fancy a change, head to our best mobile phones deal page to see what bargains are lurking, but otherwise going SIM only on your current phone is a no-brainer. You’ll wind up paying much less than you are under contract, and you can stick to a rolling 30 day contract so that if your circumstances change, you can get out of the arrangement tout suite.
  2. It’s time for a shiny new smartphone and you want to get the best value humanly possible. You’ll have to find a few hundred bucks up front for the handset (be sure to check our SIM free comparison chart) but box clever and you’ll end up paying less over the next 24 months (see below). Plus, if you’re a commitment-phobe, most SIM-only plans don’t require you to sign up for two years like you would with a normal contract.

What SIM card size do I need?

There are three sizes of SIM card that you can get for your phone, and the one you need will depend on your handset. It’s been a while since the traditional, so-called standard SIM (15 x 25mm) has genuinely been the staple in new phones. Instead, any phone you’ve bought within the last five or so years is much more likely to require a micro (12 x 15mm) or nano (8.8 x 12.3mm) SIM – the iPhone 5 was Apple’s first mobile with a nano SIM, while Samsung began using the smallest size in its Galaxy S6.

Before you purchase your new SIM, double-check the manufacturer’s website to see what size you require. And if you’re simply not sure, most networks now simply send out a triple SIM, so you’ll get one of each size.

What contract length should I get?

Unlike with a contract, there’s a lot more flexibility available when it comes to how long your SIM-only plan will last. Two year commitments are virtually unheard of, with the norm being either one year or rolling one month contracts for ultimate flexibility. You can often get better prices if you tie yourself in for 12 months, especially on larger data tariffs. But sticking to one month at a time means that you can effectively hand pick a new plan to suit you every 30 days or so.

How much data do I need?

Because you can change your plan up more regularly than a normal, lengthier contract, it’s less crucial to get this nailed from the start. But if you’re thinking of grabbing a 12-monther or just put a personal pride on getting things right first time, then we’ll help you pick out the sweet spot of data for you.

Firstly, check your phone to see how much data you’ve been using to date, and whether you have the tendency to use more than your current allowance every month. Then, if you’re still unsure, check out our guidance: 

  • 0-1GB Tiny amounts of data on SIM only deals could be a blessing or a curse. If you’re putting it in a rarely used phone that will scarcely be away from wi-fi then you’re quids in. But if you end up with one because your head’s turned by the incredible price, then you could end up paying more if you continually go over your allowance.
  • 2-3GB For anybody who needs data for little more than the occasional Google Maps route planning, 2GB and 3GB plans come cheap and give you much more freedom to check the football scores and scroll Facebook away from the wi-fi without danger.
  • 4-8GB If you can’t leave the house without having a music streaming service like Spotify pouring into your ears, then it might be worth paying for some extra GBs of data.
  • 10-16GB This is a significant amount of data and some networks offer it for a very appetising price. Whether streaming music, downloading podcasts, watching social media videos, or all three is your thing – you should be covered.
  • 20-30GB Only smartphone junkies that need regular (and hefty) data fixes need bother with this avalanche of GBs. You’ll be able to rinse Netflix, Spotify and online games without too much fear of topping out.

Do I need unlimited calls and texts?

Call it practicality, call it greediness, call it what you want – it’s human nature to want ‘unlimited’ anything if offered. But you should think genuinely about whether you really need it in a world where the likes of WhatsApp and Skype let you call and text for free over wi-fi or 4G. If you decide that a few thousand monthly minutes and texts should do you, then you could shave off some cash from your bill.

The SIM-only deals on this page are checked regularly, so make sure you visit often if you want to get the most up-to-date information on the deals that are currently available!


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Amaysim announces great value 100GB SIM-only mobile plan

Amaysim announces great value 100GB SIM-only mobile plan

If you’re constantly going over your mobile data allowance, you may want to consider one of Amaysim’s newly-announced SIM-only plans, with the carrier offering up to 100GB of data per 28 days for only $70. 

Don’t need quite that much data per month? Amaysim’s $40 and $50 plans might be more your speed, offering 15GB and 20GB respectively over its standard 28-day cycle.

Each of these plans also offers unlimited national talk and text, unlimited international calls (to 10 specific countries) and 300 minutes of international calls to a further 22 countries.

Along with these high data plans, Amaysim has also announced some impressively affordable mobile plans for those customers who don’t spend as much time streaming video on their phones. 

Amaysim’s 1GB plan comes with unlimited talk and text and is just $10 per 28 days, while $20 will get you 2.5GB of data over the same period. For $30, you can get 5GB of data along with unlimited talk, text and international calls to 10 countries. 

You can find out more about Amaysim’s new mobile plans at the carrier’s website


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